About Us

Integrated disability Action Inc (IdA) was formed in 1996 as the Northern Territory (NT) Peak Consumer Organisation for Territorians with disability.  IdA actively supports and represents the views of people with disability and those of their family members, carers and guardians (paid and unpaid). IdA is registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a “Charitable Institution”. Donations to IdA of $2.00 or more can be claimed as a Tax Deduction, a receipt will be issued on payment of any donation. We acknowledge funding by the NT Government. We are an incorporated body with a democratically elected Management Committee.

Our Mission Statement

To help empower people with disability, to improve the quality of their own lives and to look at and improve the professionalism of the disability sector.

Aims & Vision

Building on and developing relationships with government and non-government organisations enables IdA to continue raising awareness of the many issues facing people with disability and their families.
We aim to achieve this by:

  • Consulting with relevant stakeholders, to identify issues of interest for people with disability, their family members, carers and guardians
  • Campaigning for positive change on identified issues of interest, which may be specific to an individual and/or systemic in nature
  • Distributing information and promote public awareness of issues that impact people with disability through the development and publishing of resources for members and the broader community
  • Ensuring that the views and opinions of people with disability, their family members, carers and guardians are represented on government and non-government organisations committees and boards, particularly those where decisions and policy directions are set that impact the lives of the person with disability and those of their family members, carers and guardians.

IdA hosts members meetings as required, where guest speakers are invited to present on and discuss issues of interest and share information. The meetings also provide an opportunity to develop support networks and socialise. Relevant information is also regularly distributed via our weekly e-bulletin, where we also welcome contributions from our members.

IdA firmly believes that it is only through our membership that we are able to gather the information needed to present a confident and coherent message to all levels of government. So we ask, if you are a person with disability, a family member, carer or guardian or are interested in the issues that impact people with disability that you become a member.