Access and Inclusion – Accessible Parking in Darwin

Accessible parking bays are modified parking spaces designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to visit schools, hospitals, shopping centres and other everyday services and activities.  If someone has limited mobility as a result of a disability or impairment, a Disability Parking Permit allows them to use accessible parking bays: More info on our website here:

There are a variety of reasons why people with disabilities can require extra space when parking, and the size and placement of accessible parking in Australia is regulated by law. Additionally, to be truly accessible, they need to be clearly marked and clear of obstacles; any curbs adjacent to the spaces should have ramps to allow wheelchair users to access the footpath safely.

Council recognises the need to plan and take action to ensure equal access to facilities and services. City of Darwin’s Access and Inclusion Plan 2019 – 2022 outlines what will be done over the next four years to create better access and inclusion for all members of our community, including the review of accessible parking in key locations.

Key information relating to rules and regulations around accessible parking in Darwin:
•  Accessible parking bays are built to the Australian Standards AS/NZS2890.6-2009. More info here:
•   Currently there are 3,895 people in Darwin with a parking permit- temporary or permanent
•    A doctor’s report is required for the permit
•    Person the permit is issued to must be in the car when the permit is being used
•    The permit fee is $15.00 first time; permanent holders are issued with a renewal letter after three years; renewals are free of charge for permanent holders
•    On-street Parking in Darwin – free- where parking meters are installed;  in any time-restricted area for twice the period indicated e.g. 3 hours extended to 6 hours. Once the free parking time has expired, normal parking restrictions apply i.e. paying for parking and time restrictions
•    Off-street Car Parks – all day, free of charge except for West Lane Carpark and Chinatown Carpark; in these spots they may park for twice the time paid for
•    Tickets for parking without a permit are $135.00; between 010/7/2019 and 20/01/2020 13 of these tickets have been issued; none for parking over the time limit.
•    Council’s Regulatory Services team receives some phone calls of community members making a complaint about inappropriate use of a parking permit, but not often.